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September 2018

Five Sustainable Home Design Trends to Try

Consumer demand for eco-friendly products has grown in recent years. Now, homeowners looking to renovate for sustainability will find elegant and attractive products for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more. Here are five of the top sustainable home design trends to know:

1. Low-Flow Showerheads 
Earlier generations of low-flow showerheads offered low water pressure that left many homeowners unsatisfied. Now, low-flow showerheads are not only strong, they're chic. Curb water waste, save money, and upgrade your bathroom with a new showerhead that not only looks great but conserves resources too. 

Search out products that come with the WaterSense label, which certifies that the product has a low environmental impact. 

2. Cork Flooring 
Cork is naturally springy, antimicrobial, and soundproof. It's also a great choice for sustainable flooring. As with hardwood, subtle variations in the material add visual interest and character, but unlike hardwood, the material is comfortable to walk on and 
supports the feet. Since only the outer layer of the cork tree is harvested, cork flooring is also sustainable. 

3. Recycled-Leather Tiles 
Scrap leather material is put to inventive use in leather tiles that make a rich floor or wall covering. Recycled-leather tiles bring together waste cuttings, used leather belts, and other pieces of scrap leather to create unique patterned tiles that are naturally soundproof and lustrous. Try these instead of carpet or use leather tiles as a wallpaper alternative. 

4. Recycled-Glass Counters
Glass naturally resists staining and remains hygienic because it's nonporous. As such, it's a low-maintenance alternative to natural-stone counters, which require upkeep. To create glass countertops, recycled glass is melted down then poured to create thick slabs ideal for kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, and even stairs. The end product comes in natural-glass hues from white to blue.

5. Composite Decking 
Composite decking offers a long-lasting alternative to wood decking. Wood must be painted or stained periodically for protection from the elements. With composite decking created from waste-wood scraps, wood fiber, and recycled plastic, home owners can end the cycle of deck maintenance with a product that holds up over decades—while reducing material waste. 

To upgrade your home with one of these sustainable materials, look for a contractor who specializes in green home design and renovation. The right contractor will help you select the best material for your home and install the product properly so it adds value and efficiency to your house.

Jordan Pehowic, 42 Business Centre Dr. Suite 106, Miramar Beach FL 32550
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