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February 2015 Century 21 Blue Marlin Pelican |

5 Design Tips to Make the Most of Your Living Room Space

If you have a small living room space, or a living room that needs sectioning off, some quick decorating tricks can expand and define your space. Here are five ideas that can give the illusion of space with a little rearranging or DIY projects.

1. Use Rugs to Define Space
Sometimes continuous hardwood or carpet can end a room before it begins. Area rugs positioned under end tables or coffee tables can section off space. A large rug positioned in the middle of the entertaining area, framing a couch, chairs and television will instantly create invisible lines defining the living room area. This is a great trick if a living room tends to flow into the dining or front room, it can be defined as a living room with an area rug.

2. Beat the Clutter
Walls will shrink into your living space if you have clutter lining the walls and on top of every surface. Clean lines and cleared off table tops can make a space feel less claustrophobic. Well placed furniture and a minimalist look will open up any living room space.

3. Strategic Lighting
Low lighting can make a room feel more spacious. Glaring ceiling lights can cause a room to shrink. Strategically placed floor and table lamps will bring a flow and a warmer feel to the space. Lighting placement in walking areas or framing a couch will make for defined spaces within your living room.

4. Expand Space with Mirrors
Mirrors can instantly open up a space with a reflection giving the impression of more space. A taller mirror in a corner or backed behind a bookshelf can expand a room instantly. Strategically placing mirrors across from windows can bring a reflection of the outdoors and make a space feel larger and bring in light.

5. Wall and Ceiling Paint Tricks
If your home has a lower ceiling, or if your living room has a cramped feeling, painting techniques can add an expanded airy look to your space. Paint the walls one or two shades darker than the ceiling. Another trick is to paint down a few inches from the ceiling, the lighter color wrapping around the top of the wall. This will open up the room and give the ceiling a heightened feeling.

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