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February 2013 Century 21 Blue Marlin Pelican |

The National Housing Market Continues Upward Trend


National home sales are at a three year high.
After climbing steadily for the past three months, November's Pending Home Sales Index rose 1.7 percent to 106.4. This is the highest the Index has reached since April 2010, when the deadline for the home buyer tax credit was approaching. But November's increase isn't due to stimulus; rather, an increase in demand and highly favorable housing affordability conditions are spurring the gains... Read More

3 Techniques to Make a Small Room Appear More Spacious


You don't have to be a magician to turn a tiny, cramped space into an inviting room. There are several easy and inexpensive strategies you can use to work some magic on your home. Here are three of the most effective techniques for making small rooms seem bigger:

1. Cut Out Clutter
It's tough to make a small room look bigger if it's filled with clutter. The first thing to do when trying to create an illusion of openness is to get rid of... Read More

Taking Steps Toward Better Credit


When you're struggling with thousands of dollars of debt, saving a few bucks here or there may seem like a drop in the bucket. Yet in financial terms, those drops add up, and can ultimately create a more positive overall picture. That seems to be the case for the country, as evidenced by a recent report on credit scores and credit habits among American consumers.

Experian's third annual State of Credit report, which analyzes the average VantageScore... Read More

Want to Know What Your Home is Worth?

No Fiscal Fall: Real Estate Tax Laws in 2013


Now that the dust has settled over that fiscal cliff, it's time to look at the fallout. How has real estate been affected by H.R. 8 legislation signed into law by President Obama on January 2, and what will it mean for homeowners, buyers and sellers?

Great News for Short Sales
Short sales will continue to qualify for mortgage cancellation relief through 2013. This allows homeowners a tax break for the difference of the sale price and the amount still owed on the mortgage, an amount that is forgiven by the bank in the bargain... Read More

Remodeling Projects that Sell: Beautiful Built-ins


If you're having trouble selling your cookie-cutter house, then it may be time to up the ante by creating a unique selling point that will have buyers lining up at your door. Since house hunters often talk about their need for storage space, why not give them something that covers that base but also adds a touch of class? In other words, why not give them built-ins?

The benefits of built-ins.
Because they don't take up floor space, built-ins are ideal for storing or displaying a variety of items that you want to either show off or keep from view... Read More

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